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Parts of Nails

The parts of the nail are the nail matrix, cuticle, lunula, nail bed, natural nail plate, free edge, the posterior, lateral and anterior nail fold.

nails1. Nail matrix
The hidden part of the nail covered by the posterior nail fold. It contains the matrix (nail root), a mass of germ-cells that produces the nail. A part of it extends from beneath the posterior nail fold under the lunula. (It is exactly separated from the nail bed where a definite curve is formed at the edge of the lunula). The size and form of the matrix (lunula- curve) determines the size, form and thickness of the nail plate. If the matrix gets hurt it can result in a long- lasting injury! The new keratin cells produced in the matrix push older cells forward. (This is called the keratinization process which moves forward). Continue reading

The Nail

The nail is a slightly bulging and tough keratinous coating that serves for protection. Its main function is to make a protective layer at the end of  fingers and toes.

the_nailIts main constituents:

  1. Keratin, (A protein which has high sulphur and relatively low calcium content).
  2. Moisture content, (Moisture-content of the natural nail is about 18%).
  3. Fibres, (Its structure is made up of multiple, flattened dead cells (about 150 thin layers) which have no nuclei and are closely attached to each other, they are organized into fibres).
  4. Keratinous plate (Its translucency depends to what extent the keratin is translucent).  Continue reading